Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes Technology STINKS!

Ok, a quick little rant about the fact that my digital camera is now a piece of junk! I love my digital camera... it is like my best friend...goes everywhere with me. Well, in the last couple of months it has decided to get alztimizers.. (not sure on the spelling) You take pictures with it, and then you go to load them, and they disappear... they aren't on the memory card! UGH! Not cool, when you are trying to capture priceless, once in a lifetime memories... That is my complaint for today. I wish I could afford a new one, but that isn't in the budget for awhile. So, I have to make due, and pray it catches the ones I want. Wish me luck that it will decide to save Hunter's first day of First Grade tomorrow, so i can post the photo for you. :)

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Berry Patch said...

UGH!!! No fun at all. Did you try a new memory card??? I'm lost without a camera nearby.