Monday, August 18, 2008

The dumb things people do!!!

Ok, so you know I must say people can be dumb and cruel sometimes. So, while I was away at my family reunion, my father called me to tell me, he had some cats at his house... Cats??? What the heck? Apprenatly, someone decided that they were going to drop off a box of cats between our houses. (we live next to each other, connecting driveways) He orginally only saw 6... well that was bad enough right?? Him and my step mother Jayne, decided to stick them under my house, for me to deal with.. YIPPEE! So, when I got home I went to investagate, but didn't see any, so I figured they ran off. Monday still no sign of them. Tuesday I went out and out pops one from the wood pile... then another, and another, and so on and on... Til, I start counting and there is 9... yes I said 9!!! Oh my! Nine cats... 4 baby kittens, 3 middle sized ones, and a couple adults... or so I thought... I started rounding them up, and putting them in a carrier for the animal control officer... Between Amanda and I we caught 6 of them... Phew! Then Amanda and I look... there is a 10th one! Oh my goodness... it was the mother of the 4 kittens. So, I figured I would give the others some time, and they would come out on their own, once they didn't see me. Left for a couple hours to run some errands, and when I got back, Andy was able to catch one of the baby kittens. We decided after a long talk, that we would keep it, cause our cat ran away, and the kids have missed Oliver greatly.... Then we set out a trap for one of the adults... we ended up catching the mother, so the other baby stayed close... After that one was picked up and taken, we felt bad for the baby, no mother, no food... So we got some moist food and went out to try and get it to come to us... sure enough straving it came out and we were able to catch it. The kids thought we needed that one too... Being that they were the same sex, and siblings, and liking to play together, we decided to keep it... Suckers we are... I know! One more to get, so we set the trap out again, and this time we got the white adult one. So, 8 of them went to the shelter, and since they are such friendly cats they are going on the floor for adoption, which makes me feel better. :) The people who left them in the box, left their address though, so I hope they get in trouble. That is so cruel! They also left a 20pd bag of food for them, so I am sure they meant no harm to them, just couldn't keep them all, but really! Find another way! That was my adventure for this week. We now have two very cute grey kittens.... I will put some pictures of them up soon. Thanks for listening to me rant! I will let you know their names when we decide!

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