Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hunter's First BoyScout Trip

This is actually suppose to be back in July...but I'm just now getting to it. On July 26th, Hunter's BoyScout Troop, went to what they call FunPac weekend in southern Maine. Andy went with him, as I thought this should be more of a father, son activity... They left very early Saturday at 5:00am I do believe. :) To head out for their adventure. The first stop being at a restaurant in a town near the camp, for breakfast. Upon arriving... they set up camp... right next door to the Anson Troop. Then they went to their big gathering...our troops first activity was swimming. One rule being that they have to have a buddy, and they did random buddy checks. Lunch followed their swimming...

Afternoon brought more excitement with Sports, doing some Olympic like activities.. followed by scout crafts..his troop, learned what Firefighters did in training.. like rolling hoses, dressing up in the fire suit and running, climbing up ladders to rescue a cow. (sounds like it would have been a riot to watch) Then they were off to enjoy the Nature, learning about animal prints, plants, and they went on a hike. Hunter was excited he got to see some turtles on his hike. After a exhausting them on a hike, they went to have dinner. They cooked a foil meal on the fire pit. They had stew beef, potatoes, and carrots. (YUM)

After dinner, the evening meeting started... the different troops, did their skits.... Unfortunately, our troop did not do its skit, cause to many kids were exhausted from the day... After the meeting they went back to the camp for some s'mores.. Then it was bed time, guessing it didn't take long for the kids to pass out!

Sunday morning, they got up and had breakfast.... and off to Archery they went. Hunter was very excited about this.. he was very eager to try this. As you can see in the above photo... with the big smile plastered on his face! Then they went to B.B guns. Also, making Hunter very excited he got to try this out. He was very proud of himself, and that was the first thing he told me about when he got home. To wind down the weekend, their last thing was Arts & Crafts. In this Hunter made his neckerchief with his troop number and some drawings on it. Then it was time to pack up and head back home. The boys slept most of the way home... as they were so exhausted from the weekend events. Hunter had a blast, as did Andy. They are eager to return for next years activities.

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