Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost time for school to start again!

Can you believe that the summer has FLOWN by??? I mean really where did it all go? I'm sad that we really didn't get to do to much this summer. Hunter did get to go on his first Boy Scout overnight camping trip. He had a great time! The girls have been just enjoying being little..... I've been busy working at the Town Office, since the end of July... I have one more week left. It has been enjoyable, working with one of my best friends, and we never have a dull moment. :)
Hunter starts school in 4 more days... First grade! Can you believe that?? Seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. Time sure does fly!!! He is excited to be starting back up again, as he has been eagerly awaiting since the begining of July... He has Mrs. Campbell this year for a teacher... but is sad that a few of his friends won't be attending school with him, as they are either being Homeschooled, or have transfered to the Solon school. Although, I have assured him we will keep in contact with them.
Rachel is starting her 3rd year of pre-school. Yes, her 3rd! Due to her birthday she is not able to attend Kindergarten this year... which stinks cause she is very ready academically!! Though, not to worry I am still doing school work with her at home. There is never a non-learning moment in our house. We have fun!
Sage is well sage.... 3 and full of attitude! Sad that she isn't able to go to school like her siblings, but we do stuff at home with her as well. She is a very smart cookie, that is for sure! Hasn't really grown much this summer, maybe a couple inches, and still as small as ever. She is my peanut that is for sure! :) Pic's to come soon.
So, with all that being said! I hope you all have a great rest of the summer, and have a great school year! I know, we are going to try..

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