Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Reunion

For the last two years we have had a family reunion for just the Merry's... Meaning my grandmother, her children, us grandkids, and our children. :) Well today we had our second one... Held at my Uncle Eugene's and Aunt Doris's... located on Toddy Pond in Orland... I believe (still figuring that one out.. lol..) Anywho... after a long ride there, cause my daughter decided to throw a tanturm... and giving me a headache. It was nice to see everyone. All the family was there, except, my cousin tracy and her husband, my cousin Michelle, and my cousin Jessica. Not a bad turn out, or atleast i didn't think so. It was good to see Aunt Doris, (or as I call her Auntie Em) and my cousins that i only see once a year if I am lucky. Also nice to have conversations with someone other than a 3,4, or 6 yr old, once and awhile! lol... It was a beautiful day, as we got lucky no rain. My kids enjoyed playing in the water, always a highlight to them. Plus being able to play with their cousins they don't often see. If I can get my hands on a few photo's, I will post them later. I didn't have any batteries for my camera! UGH! Can't wait to see them all again next year!

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