Friday, August 29, 2008

About the only thing that bloomed this year!

We had the worst luck with our garden this time. Which sucks, cause we really like our fresh fruits and vegetables.... With so much rain though, it slowed us getting it in, and then we didn't get enough sun to get them to grow. :( All good though, you live and learn. We are hoping for a better chance next year. For this year, we are getting fresh veggies from my mom. Thanks mom!

Anywho.... I was going to tell you about my Rose bushes. We had two nice roses bushes before we moved our trailer last year. We moved them both to my mom's house for the winter, but one got mowed... Opps! The other didn't look to healthy...but was still green. So, we had hope right?? Brought it home in the plant pot it was in, and kinda forgot about it for a few weeks. Then I got a couple more at Marden's for mother's day. So, we planted those, and still didn't get the other one planted, but it was still green. :)

Can you believe that one in the plant pot actually bloomed this summer. It was so pretty. Plu
s the two new ones I bought bloomed, and we gorgeous too. So, I guess I can grow rose bushes right? I'm working on another plant that I can grow... can't only have roses around here right?

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