Sunday, August 24, 2008


This weekend was Madison-Anson Days... a yearly tradition in these here parts. Friday night I usually put the kids in the Doll Carriage and Bicycle Parade...This year I didn't put them in as I needed to be a Judge... Plus my kids won a trophy the last two years in a row. We are coming up with ideas for next years parade all ready... The theme is Children's TV Characters. Hunter is thinking Handy Manny and his tools.... so we shall see! Then Saturday morning is typically the big Parade... This year the kids lost the privilege to go due to their behavior. However, they did earn back their opportunity to go to the fireworks that night. So, we headed down around 7pm... ran a couple of errands, grabbed a snack for the kids. Dropped something off to Di, and headed to Anson. We typically sit on the bridge... and watch the fireworks, cause they put them off from the Madison Boat Landing. Well, this year they didn't ... Instead they put them off from somewhere in Anson, so the tree's were in our way. Which was so upsetting, cause this was the first time the girls had gone to watch them. Usually its just Hunter and I since it is at 9pm.. the girls are usually asleep or to tired by that point. Sage was very happy to see them. I thought she might be scared, but she loved them. She kept telling me they were Beautiful. Rachel was to tired to really care, and Hunter always enjoys them. This year we were even able to get Adawna, Hailey, and Essey to come join us. Plus Hunter called and grandma met us to watch them. My camera acting up only got the picture of Hunter and Rachel, so I am sad, that all the others weren't on there. Maybe next year we can get better ones. :)

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Berry Patch said...

Fireworks! I love fireworks. It sounds like you had fun!!!