Friday, March 16, 2012

Why, I have not been writing as much this month…



One of my commitments is being a Girl Scout Leader, which I’m sure you have heard me talk about a few times (or more).

Well that generally means for the whole month of March, I’m running around like a crazy lady, trying to find where I left my brain behind. LOL!

Why you ask??! Well, its cookie month. Which for me means, dropping off cookies, counting cookies, picking up more cookies, and becoming a cookie! Yup, lots of cookies in there. Winking smile 

Please we are doing a bit of this…


Oh, and did I mention beyond being a leader, I also have another girl in another troop! Which means twice the running around.. (luckily this year they did not do a cookie booth)

So, forgive me, but I will be better about getting posts up after this month. Don’t forget to support your local Girl Scout Troop, and eat some yummy cookies!


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