Thursday, March 1, 2012

TOS Review: K5 Learning






What is K5 Learning? Well, just as the name states, it is an online learning site geared towards children in K thru 5th grade. It works on improving Math, Spelling, and Reading skills.

About K5 Learning:

It is designed mostly for supplementing for after school, or during the summer. It bases your child’s lessons on what grade your child is in, or by an assessment if you need one to know where to place your child. Another good aspect is that parents can make assignments for their children.


Subjects it covers:

  • Reading: 5 levels are approached. Phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
  • Math: 3 math skills levels are worked on. Numbers & Operations, geometry, and measurement.



  • Spelling:  Is done by grade level. Or you can add them, and use your own spelling words.  Another option available, is to put them in a another language to learn.

What Middle Monkey thought:

We have tried a few different online learning sites this year. This one was a bit better than some of them, however, I’m not sure if she was just bored with them, or what. She was not a huge fan of this site. She said it was cool with the graphic’s, and colors, but she really just didn’t seem that into it.

My thoughts:

As a parent, I think if your child was struggling in any of these areas, they would be good to try. The setup is nice, and I like that they send you a report to keep you updated with how your child is progressing.

I also think that it is unique above the rest, since you can change the assignments, and tweak the spelling lists.

Would I pay the cost for it? I would have to be honest and say, no I don’t think that I would. Unless my child was struggling a lot.



For Monthly:

First Child- $25
Additional Children- $15

Annual Subscription:

Frist Child- $199
Additional Children- $129

You can go here, and get a free 2 week trial.

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*We were given a 3 month trial in exchange for our honest review as part of the TOS Crew. All opinions are 100% mine and my monkeys.

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