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TOS Review: Progeny Press Literature Guide






Progeny Press makes learning Literature a bit easier. They break down the story for you, and puts it in this handy little Study Guide.

They have 100’s of Literature Guides to choose from, and they come in 4 different levels. Starting with Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and all the way up to High School.




We decided to go with “The Bronze Bow”. Not a story I had heard of before, but it is about Romans and Monkey Man is really big into Ancient History.  He was a bit skeptical at first.

Then I got him to try it. He read the first couple chapters with ease. I stopped him every couple chapters, since the study guide is broken down into every few chapters as well.

It went better than I expected. He loved that the review of the chapters had fun activities to go along with it. Here is an example of one..




For the Bronze Bow study guide it covered lots of information. They go over vocabulary, some multiple choice questions, and then it does a series of short answer. Occasionally throwing in a few opinion based questions. They suggest reading the book in the first week you start this. For Monkey Man, reading this book in one week was just not going to happen. So, we decided to try it by reading a few chapters at a time, and then go over the corresponding section of the Study Guide. 




Now while my son reads at a 8th Grade level, doesn’t mean that I always believe he is getting all the information out of a book that he should be. This helps me to see the areas we need to work on to strengthen.. and to see what kinds of things interest him, and he can retain the info.




Buying Progeny Press Literature Guides:

If you are not sure whether a book is in their grade level, they have all their books broken down by grade. Or if you click on the one you think you are interested in, it will tell you which grades it is appropriate for. Along with a bit about the book.

Some are done only by Email PDF which are $16.99

Booklet : $18.99

CD: $16.99
CD & Booklet: $23.99

Our Thoughts:

Monkey Man, really enjoyed what we have gotten through so far, and hope to finish up the rest of our book in the next couple weeks. He really likes that it gives you activities to go along with your reading.

From a parents point of view… I really enjoy the way it is laid out. I like that it breaks it down by chapters. Love that it gives them short answers, so they can give what they think are happening in the story. (Giving them a chance to learn how to interpret what an Author is thinking) I absolutely think this is a company we will be utilizing more in the future.. especially since my kids love to read. There is such a great selection to chose from!


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* We were given an Email copy of “The Bronze Bow” in exchange for our honest opinion, as part of the TOS CREW.  Opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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