Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge









1. Summer's here-whoohoo! What's your favorite sight, sound, AND smell associated with summer?

I love the smell of roses, and the chirps of birds!

2. Fireflies or lightning bugs...what are they called in your neck of the woods?

Fireflies, and I can’t wait to catch some with my kids this year! Smile

3. What is something from the past week that reminded you of your childhood?

Swimming at the lake.. it was a favorite spot of mine during the summer. I love that I can share that with my kids.

4. Define 'the good life'.

Can you really define it? To me it would be a personal choice. Whatever, makes you happy in the end.

5. Tell us what we'd see if you took a snapshot of your desk/work space?

A very big mess right now, as we are going through some school stuff, and cleaning out for next year!

6. Peaches or watermelon...yes, you have to choose.


However, I do like peaches to, if juice and sweet!

7. Ever been skinny dippin'? Is that too much for the Wednesday Hodgepodge? Rest assured we won't need details...unless of course you feel you must but remember, this is a family friendly blog so keep it G rated.

I don’t remember.. Honestly!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Is it really almost the 4th of July already?? Where has the time gone this year??

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