Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge










1. Have you ever been to the US capital-Washington DC? If so, what's your favorite site? If not, what would you most like to see on a visit to that city someday in the future? Is it even on your list of places to visit?

Yes, I have been in DC once, and went to the zoo. That is the only place there I have been, so hard to say what is my favorite.

We are hoping to take the kids next spring/summer to do a whole tour and work it into our history curriculum somehow! Smile I think it would be an amazing trip!

2. When did you last attend a wedding? Are there any weddings on your summer calendar? Were you a summer bride? If you're single, is summer the season of your dream wedding?

I can’t remember the last wedding I attended actually. Its been awhile. Nope, I don’t have any on my calendar for this summer.

3. What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?

I love to just pop strawberries in my mouth!

But I also like to slice them up, and add a bit of sugar.

4. What is one thing you are especially looking forward to this summer?

Having a good time with my kids.. swimming in the lake, going on walks, picnic's at the park, a couple family reunions and hearing the kids stories about camp!

5. Do you use/like the self checker at the grocery store?

I have a few times, cause my kids wanted to try it. But personally I hate it! They never work right and you spend just as much time waiting for a worker to come help you!

6. Share a favorite piece of common sense advice.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

7. Barefoot, flip flops, tennis shoes, sassy sandals-your first choice for summertime?

I love to be Barefoot, next would be flip flops, then sandals, and lastly sneakers for those times you have to wear them.

8. The bugs are insane this year! Where did they come from? I have been chewed alive, and left with huge welts! Making it very hard for me to get my gardening done!


Joyce said...

If you know far enough in advance of your DC trip write to your congressman and ask for passes to whatever they offer...there are still some White House tours but I think they need about 6 weeks notice for that. Its worth getting in touch because you'll get some special opportunities.

Mary said...

We went to the zoo on our second trip to DC. It was a good zoo!

Bobbi said...

I was noticing my painful bug welts today too....I think maybe it's because we've had so much rain and flooding. That's my guess. Have a great rest of the week!!

CrysHouse said...

We're having serious bug issues, too. We're in a flooding area, so standing water isn't helping our cause, either.

Susan said...

I totally agree with number 5. I haven't used them at all but when I see them, it's usually because I'm taking notice how frustrated the current user is and how they're currently telling off the machine AND the store help!