Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy might have a new customer!


After the last few years of Little Monkey watching her two older siblings loose their teeth and get to wait for the tooth fairy. She was anxiously awaiting when her teeth would start to get loose.

So, after a visit to the dentist a month ago.. when the doctor said you have TWO LOOSE TEETH she has been excited! Asking me everyday when will they come out.

After about a month of waiting she got her chance. The tooth was wobbly enough, that my mom told her if she just kept working at it and twisting it a bit… it would probably fall out soon. Little did we know she would just yank that tooth out. (she is normally a very big wimp) Out popped the tooth, and she was overjoyed! That is all she talked about all day. Was even willing to go to bed at 3pm, just so the tooth fairy would come visit her.


Needless to say when she woke up the next morning at 3am (from excitement) she was so happy to see a couple dollar bills under her pillow. Just to answer your next question.. yes, I did make her go back to bed.

Tooth number to is pretty wobbly now… wonder how long before she yanks that one out???

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