Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goalforit.com Review




As a parent do you ever struggle to find a Chore Chart or Behavior Chart that fits your needs? I know, I am. We have tried many different things, but for us a chart is really the only way to keep each child accountable.

Well look no further. Goalforit.com is a Free site for such charts. You can customize each individual child for whatever you need them to work on.  Not just chores either.. You can add healthy habits to their chart such as Eating your fruits, brushing your teeth, going to bed on time, or even waking up on time. That is the best part. You can make it work for you however, you need it to.

The options are endless… You can even choose between a child or a Tween.  You have many icons already there for you such as making your bed, doing the dishes, taking care of animals, or even folding the laundry.. but you can even add your own if needed. Making it easy to tweak this for any child you need it to work for.


Another great feature I found very helpful, is that you can add a To-do list on your homepage, as well as a goal chart for yourself.  I love having the ability to keep all of these in one location. Keeps my time down, and print them all from one easy location!


Best part is its all for free. You can add as many of your kids on as you would like, and set up a separate Chore or Behavioral Chart for each one! Can’t get any easier than that right??

You must be 13 yrs or older to join the site. However, its easy to join. A few quick questions and you are on your way. You can even chose to have emails sent to you with updates, daily, weekly or even monthly. Take the guess work out of keeping track of their progress and let Goalforit.com do all the work for you!

*This is 100% my own opinions.

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