Friday, March 25, 2011

How do you feel??


When it comes to your daughter getting her ears pierced. Did you do it when she was an infant? Or did you wait until she was older, and then how did you decide how old she had to be.

My husband and I decided awhile back that it was going to be when we felt that our girls were old enough to take care of them own their own. (or as close to it as possible) As well as them needing to express a desire to want them done..without peer pressure.

That day has come. My 7 yr old.. wanted her ears pierced and has wanted them done for a long time. I was hesitant about it, even now. We discussed how it would feel to them done, and what was involved in taking care of them. She still wanted to do it.

Off we went to Claire’s.. they couldn’t do both ears at once.. so I told her that after one was done, she could not back out. She looked at me, and said “Guess I’ll just have to deal then”. I couldn’t believe it!

I must tell you, impressed is not even a big enough word for what I felt. She sat there and grinned it. She flinched a bit, but never once cried. She was very brave. The end result. She now has her ears pierced. Smile She is very happy!

Here is a picture of her new earrings for the next 6 weeks til they heal.


I’d like to know how you feel about this subject! Please share your thoughts.

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