Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Donkey Kong Country DVD Review:


When I was a kid, and yes that was really a long time ago . . . I had the Donkey Kong game on the Nintendo. I loved it, but I could never conquer it. When I had kids of my own, I got it again for the DS. I still can’t get very far!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Donkey Kong Country Movie which is came out on DVD on August 20, 2013!!! Of course I had to check it out! I knew, my kids would just love it too.




What I got :

  • Donkey Kong Country DVD
  • 80’s Party Supplies


The party supplies were a pretty big hit with my girls! Little Monkey, loved the glasses!!



Little Monkey thought the fish net gloves were just “SO COOL”! Wouldn’t they be shocked to know that back in the 80’s they were super popular?!




About Donkey Kong Country DVD:


The movie is based on the cartoon series, and the popular video game. I never saw the cartoon series when I was growing up.


The DVD includes four episodes and runs approximately 90 minutes. The four episodes are:

  • Bad Hair Day
  • Ape Foo Young
  • Booty and the Beast
  • Barrel, Barrel, Who’s Got the Barrel

It is an animated movie, that looks a lot like a video game. Which makes sense, so its not super high quality. All and all if you ever played the video game, I think you will relate to this movie more. It really reminded me a lot of it, and it had the same cute music.

Our Thoughts:

My Monkey’s really loved watching it, and they did a lot of laughing. We thought it was super cute. I was a bit thrown by the outfit Donkey Kong’s girlfriend is wearing, and the dancing she was doing, but the kids didn’t really notice I don’t think. I don’t remember if this was in the original video game or not.

All and all, we really had a fun 80’s night watching Donkey Kong Country!


You can get this DVD at most retail stores for $9.99!


You can find more information at Kaboom Entertainment!




*We received the Donkey Kong DVD & Party package from Phase4Flims in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.

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