Monday, August 5, 2013

Schoolhouse Expo

Schoolhouse Expo

I have to tell you as a Homeschooling parent, I would love to attend the Expo’s and Conferences. However, due to raising costs of everything we can’t afford for me to do that.

Do you wish you could attend one? Have you ever been to one? If you have, what was your favorite part?

Coming up in just a few weeks is the Schoolhouse Expo on August 19th- 23rd! What is so great about this one? Well, you can attend it right from home. You can sit and listen while sipping a coffee, and take notes. Or you can listen while you are working on housework. Either way you don’t have to leave home! It runs 5-days and will have speakers from 1pm-8pm. There will be 30 wonderful speakers to enjoy.

The cost for this amazing opportunity is just $24!!! Be sure to sign up soon!

I will be posting more information as it gets closer!

Also check back tomorrow for a chance to win one Expo ticket.

*I am writing this in exchange for admission to the Expo, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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