Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Berenstain Bears: Golden Edition Review



I don’t know about you, but finding good shows on TV for my kids is difficult these days. Cartoons are just not what they used to be when I was a child. (Yes, I know many moons ago that was)

Recently my monkeys and I got the chance to review The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition, as well as The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition in celebration of their 50th Anniversary!

My monkeys are a bit older now, but my youngest little monkey still loves her Berenstain Bears. So this was really more for her. Upon receiving them in the mail, she was so excited to open up the box! Containing her excitement was hard!



The Berenstain Bears: Golden Brother Edition comes in a cute box, with the movie and a small brother bear 10 inch plush. The DVD contains the story about Brother Bear and the many sports that he enjoys while being a role model. All taking place in bear country. The movie runs approximately 120 min.

Episodes in this DVD:

  • Catch the Bus
  • Jump Rope Contest
  • The Hiccup Cure
  • Moving Day
  • Double Dare
  • Lend A Helping Hand
  • The Big Election
  • Trouble with Money
  • At the Giant Mall
  • Showdown at Birder’s Wood
  • Grow It




The Berenstain Bears: Golden Sister Edition was no different! This one came in a nice gift box as well with the DVD, and a cute little Sister Bear 10 inch plush.  Sister bear is a cute spunky character. This movie also runs approximately 120 min.

Episodes on this Dvd:

  • Go up and Down
  • Count Their Blessings
  • Slumber Party
  • Homework Hassle
  • The In Crowd
  • Trouble at School
  • The Female Fullback
  • That Stump Must Go
  • Big Bear, Small Bear
  • Hug and Make Up
  • House of Mirrors


Little Monkeys Thoughts:

She absolutely loved these DVD’s. Her favorite two episodes were “The Hiccup Cure” cause she always has trouble with the hiccups. As well as “Slumber Party” since she is dreaming of a big slumber party with her friends when our house construction is finally done. Little Monkey really loves the music, and stories that the Berenstain Bears bring to our house.


I love that they teach such great values and lessons. Yet, my kids don’t see it as a lesson. They just think they are watching a fun show! I’m so happy that some of the great shows from my time have made their way back. I also loved that these two movies gave me and my Little Monkey a chance to have a nice movie evening to ourselves, while the other monkey’s were gone. Those moments came very far and few between.


Buy it:

You can purchase these special edition DVD’s at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores in the U.S. They are $19.99 a piece.


We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!





*Disclosure: All reviews and opinions on this blog are mine or my monkeys. As a member of Team Mom, I received both gift sets to review. I got no monitory compensation.

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