Friday, June 21, 2013

The adventures of dance…

Like most girls, my girls love to dance! They are always twirling around the house, and making up some new dance moves.


This last fall we were looking for things for Middle Monkey to do to help with her SPD. Movement like dance, and gymnastics' is great for them. We tweaked our budget a bit, and decided to enroll her and Little Monkey in dance. They started at a little place her in town, so we didn’t have to go far.


Middle Monkey decided to go with tap, jazz, and ballet. I had Little Monkey start with just tap, since it was her first year dancing. Middle Monkey has taken tap and ballet in the past. They loved it! They came home and danced through the house even more than before!


This past weekend was their recital. Nerves were high, Middle Monkey was scared she would mess up. Little Monkey was counting down the days for it to arrive. Finally the day came!


We spent all day at a local High School auditorium getting ready for the recital. It was worth every penny, and second though to see their faces! They did so good! I’m very proud of both of them!


Great job girls! You are amazing!














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