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TOS Review: Math Mammoth Gold Series






Math is one of the things we love in this house. So when we got the chance to review Math Mammoth, Gold Series. I was super excited!

Why you ask? Well, we have tried Math Mammoth before. I have to say we really like them. I was eager to try another part of there products. Monkey Man has always been ahead in math. Trying to find that perfect curricula for him has been really hard.


Now that he is venturing into pre-algebra, I’m worried that I won’t find the right one.


About Math Mammoth:

It is developed by Mara Miller. She is a math teacher that became a housewife, and homeschooler. She has a master’s degree in mathematics, and a minor in physics and statics. Mara started working on the books in 2002, and started selling them in 2003.


Her goal is to make the books with simple terms, but concentrating on the understanding of concept. The workbooks like the Blue Series, and Light Blue Series are good for homeschoolers since they are self-teaching.







What is in the Gold Series:

We tried out the Gold Series this time. Which covers many grades. I opted to get Monkey Man the Grade 7 workbooks. They cover all pre-algebra topics. In book 7-A  (76pgs, 71 worksheets) you will find:

  • The Language of Algebra
  • Integers
  • Solving One-Step Equations
  • Factors and Fractions
  • Rational Numbers
  • Equations and Inequalities


We started with 7-A and I have to tell you I was so happy with the first section being about the language of Algebra. He went through them and got himself acquainted with them. This made it so much easier when he dove in.


We haven’t gotten to the second half yet, but the next part 7-B (86pgs, 80 worksheets) includes:

  • Proportion and Percent
  • Statistics and Graphs
  • Probability
  • Geometry
  • Right Triangles
  • Polynomials


Flipping through, I was very happy with the layout. Monkey Man is not a fan of word problems, so we may have a bit of a disagreement when we get to them!


If you are not sure where your child should be you can take a placement test here.


Our Thoughts:

Monkey Man really enjoyed this one. He liked the way it was laid out, and that each worksheet only concentrated on one thing. So he wasn’t totally overwhelmed. He did one worksheet a day, so we have only made it half way through the first workbook.

As a teacher the only complaint that I am not strong in math, so the answer book wasn’t the best for me. I couldn’t help him as easy when he got them wrong. I wish that it showed out the work, so I could walk him through it. Other than that, I really like the work.


Where to Buy:

You can find Math Mammoth Products at Kagi Store, CurrClick.com, Lulu, and Rainbow Resource.

They come as PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader to view them.

Gold Series 7-A  is $7.75 Download & $2 for the Answer Key

Gold Series 7-B is $8.75 Download & $2 for the Answer Key

Or the Value Pack for Both and answer keys is $14.50



I really think that all Math Mammoth products are a great value! We will be buying more for sure!


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