Monday, June 24, 2013

First Family Trip of the Summer- Part 2



Yesterday you read about our trip to Fort Knox. While since we usually have Daddy take the day off to go on any big field trips with us, we like to make good use of our days. So we decided to drive another hour and go to the coast. I love the coast!






I decided to take the kids to somewhere special to me. When I was a kid my dad worked away most of the time, and for one whole summer he worked in Rockland, so my mom and I would come down and stay in a hotel so we could see more of him. We would go to the beach and look for shells and star fish, and it just really was a place I loved. So I wanted my kids to get to see it too.





First we walked way out to the lighthouse admiring the views along the way. It is a long way out there! Then we walked back, and walked along the shore. The kids were trying to find shells, crabs, and star fish. They didn’t have much luck. They found a few shells, and a couple dead crabs. No luck on the star fish! Maybe next time!










They really loved walking along and looking though. Since they were so good, we took them to dinner on the way home to celebrate a really great day!


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Beth said...

That looks like fun.