Saturday, June 1, 2013

Calling all Homeschoolers. . .



Check out this awesome new opportunity from the Schoolhouse. Getting some materials are so hard. I know we struggle in getting things sometimes. Now you can get 175 E-books or audio books! Check out some of the popular publishers included!

  • YWAM
  • Draw Write Now Sampler E-book
  • Amy  Puetz
  • Map Trek
  • Write Shop
  • 15 audio E-books from My Audio School in history and literature
  • Hands of a Child
  • Video from Jessica Hulcy
  • From Frazzled to Focused: 7 Planning Tools for Busy Moms from Mary Jo Tate


I know there are some really great ones in there that I like!


Stuff for all ages, whether you are teaching preschool or high school! Lots of topics. . . including-

  • Bible
  • Electives
  • Government
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Economics
  • Spelling
  • Encouragement
  • Organization
  • Special Needs
  • Nature Study
  • and so many more!!!


You can join today! For a one time fee of $25!

Go check it out now at the


I can’t wait to try it out!




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