Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soft Scrub Review:

I hate cleaning the bathroom… it is like my most hated chore. What is yours? I clean the entire house, but I when it comes to the bathroom, I will put it off.
Now that my kids are getting older, I’m very happy cause they can help with cleaning. Bet you can’t guess which chore I put them on the most?!

Monkey Man with Product

Actually I switch them off, one kid a week gets the bathroom to clean. They do general clean up each day, and then a deep clean one day of the week. I like this because they learn that everyone has to help to keep things clean.

Now, with that being said.. I’m a bit more cautious about the cleaners that I use or let them use to clean with. I like cleaners that clean well, disinfect and don’t stink horribly. I am very sensitive to smells when it comes to cleaning. Anything to strong can set off a really bad headache for me.

Soft Scrub has a new line of household cleaners out that I recently got a chance to try out. I have always liked their bathroom cleaner, but was very excited to try out their new product. I received Soft Scrub Total with Bleach, and Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl to try out. I love the new design of the bottles. You can spray using the bottle upside down, which is great when you are trying to get in the toilet bowl or in a hard to reach place.

Soft Scrub2

The Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl was awesome! Its got a nice spray top, so my kids can spray down the spots they need to clean. As they start on one side, the cleaner is working on the grime in another spot. So when we get there, it is coming right off. The sparkle that comes after you clean is just splendid (even if it doesn’t last more than a few seconds in my  house).

The Soft Scrub Total with Bleach, also worked really well. While I don’t like to use bleach in every place.. the smell can be a bit overwhelming for my head at times. It works really nicely. We used it in our kitchen on the counters, and sink. Though it can be used for so much. It is safe for microwaves, counters, tile, stovetops, sinks, and more! I loved how nicely it cut through that grease on the top of my range hood. Does anyone else have this problem?

This is definitely a great product that I would recommend to anyone to use! I think it has helped us even cut down on some of our cleaning time. Since we have the bottle handy when we need it.

You can find Soft Scrub on Facebook, and sometimes they offer money saving coupons!

Best part…
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*Soft Scrub provided a free sample of this product to try in exchange for my honest review as part of the Purex insiders team. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.


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