Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Homeschool Mothers Journal:









  • In my life this week…

I have been laying kinda low..

We finished up some school stuff,

and now we are on Vacation for a couple weeks..

Middle Monkey has been sick all week…

I’ve been torturing my kids with Christmas Movies..


  • In our homeschool this week…

We worked on our regular school…

Finished up a few projects,

and are done with another 6 wks..

Now we are on vacation for a couple of weeks.

(not that doesn’t mean I won’t come up with things for them to work on)

If you would like to see more of what we have been up to..

Check out our school blog… (I will get that caught up this week)



  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Do what works for your family..

Not someone else’s..

We are all different!


  • I am inspired by…

My children everyday!


  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We are staying home most of the week..

Going to see a play tomorrow (Junie B Jones)

I can’t wait.. These plays are usually really good!

Maybe a visit to see my grandmother…

Thanksgiving day it will be just us, and my mom, and gram…

Then maybe on Friday we will see one of my cousins that I haven’t

seen in like 6 or so years..

I think that is it for this week..


  • My favorite thing this week was…

cuddling with my kiddo’s and watching Christmas Movies!!


  • What’s working/not working for us…

Everything seems to be going quite smoothly for us now..

However, we are in a huge need of a vacation..

So that is why we are taking 2 weeks this time, instead of one.


  • Questions/thoughts I have…

Any special plans for the Thanksgiving Holiday?!


  • Things I’m working on…

Putting together the next 6 weeks..

I didn’t want to have to do it while on vacation this time..

but I couldn’t get it done before.

Oh well!

Plus I’m decorating for Christmas!


  • I’m reading…

Nothing right now…



  • I’m cooking…

Tonight we had chicken and gravy over toast!


  • I’m grateful for…

The amazing people I have around me..


  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


Be So
Happy That

When Others Look


They Become Happy


Author Unknown

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