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Chris Mann- Roads Album Review:



If you have seen the “The Voice” then you have heard of Chris Mann. He is a singer with a wonderful voice, I must say. I’m going to be honest with you. I have never watched the Voice. So, I had not heard him until reviewing this album.



Chris Mann in the last year, has been on The Voice, and now signed to Faircraft/Univeersal Republic. His newest release is a major label debut called the “Roads". This is a classical-pop genre. He really brings a different approach to some of these classic songs.




About Chris Mann:


He studied opera (which you can tell in some of his songs) at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Originally from Wichita, Kansas where he tried to start off his singing career. Singing in clubs, and auditioning for record labels. He did some backstage singing and occasionally made it on camera on the cast of Glee.

After coming in fourth on the season two of The Voice, he got his break.



The Cd:


Mann singings a classical-pop version of a few well know songs like “Always on my Mind” by Willie Nelson, and “Need you Now” by Lady Antebellum’s.

“The Blower’s Daughter” is a song where Aguilera joins him. Chris Mann co-wrote two of the songs, “Cuore” (which is based on Bach’s “Air on a G String”) and “Viva La Vida”.


What you can find on the “Roads” available on Oct 30th!

  • Roads
  • Need You Now
  • Cuore
  • The Blower’s Daughter
  • My Way
  • Unless You Mean It
  • Always on My Mind
  • On A Night Like This
  • Ave Maria
  • Falling
  • Viva La Vida



You can purchase “Roads” from iTunes or Amazon.


Our Thoughts:


I really enjoyed this cd. Its not really my normal listening music, but there was something capturing about it. His voice is so soothing. I put it on my Ipod, and listened to it before bed. I’ve turned in on my computer, and we have all listened to it while doing chores. It just seems to be a great collection.

I think my favorite is the The Blower’s Daughter. There is just something about that song. I love his voice, and the music. Aguilera even makes a nice ending to it. Their voices together were amazing!

My kids love the song “Need You Now” and they really liked his version as well. I think this CD is great for the young and old.


This would make a wonderful Christmas Present for the music lover in your family.



*This is a review post from One2One Network. I was provided with a copy of the album and I am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.


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