Friday, August 31, 2012

Phase4Flims Review…



At the beginning of this month, I posted about some movies from Phase4Flims. Now I’m back to tell you about new ones coming out!



I Heart Shakey


The first movie we checked out was “I Heart Shakey”. This movie is 102 mins and rated PG. We thought this movie was good. It was another one that tugs on your heart strings a bit. Great story about the relationship between an owner and a dog though. This story is about a single dad, raising a daughter. The dog is like part of their family, so when they move to a big city, and face possibly having to get rid of Shakey they don’t know what to do. Our family really enjoyed this!



Rock Stars


The next one we watched was “Rock Stars”. This movie is 78 mins and is rated PG. This movie was a bit strange I thought. My kids however really thought it was good. Rock Stars is about an earthworm that wants to start a disco band. However, worms have no arms, so how can they carry a rhythm. Barry shows everyone that worms can boogie too!


My Friend Bernard


Lastly we got to watch “My Friend Bernard”. This movie is 70 mins and not yet rated. My family thought this movie was really good. It has some good lessons in it. My Friend Bernard is about a boy that is afraid of everything. His polar bear sidekick Bernard helps him to lose his fears.


You can purchase any of these movies at Target, Walmart,, or rent them at your local Redbox. So why not have a family movie night soon??!



*We were given a copy of these movies by Phase4flims, and Child’s Play Communications in exchange for our honest review. All reviews are 100% mine or my monkey’s.






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