Thursday, August 16, 2012

Phase4flims Review…



We recently got an opportunity to review 5 movies, that came out in July by Phase4flims. Due to our crazy schedule and such, I’m just getting the review up.


My kids love movies as does any child! So when the box arrived, and we opened it up.. they started digging through to see what we received. Then they started making plans about what movie we were going to watch first. In our house we try to have a movie night a few times a month. Doing a simple movie night, helps bring us all closer. We enjoy our nights together!




Here are the movies we got to see and what we thought of them…


Space Dogs:


Space Dogs


This movie really wasn’t what I was expecting. It was a cute move done about a few orphan dogs. Striving to fit in, and learning about friendship. Great little life lessons in this movie that the kids will probably not realize right away that they are learning. I love movies like that, since they can get a bigger lesson out of them. My kids really enjoyed this, and we all had a few laughs over it.



Kiara the Brave:




This was nothing like what I first thought either. Maybe it was just the name, and it sort of reminded me of the movie “Brave”.  Instead this movie was more of a battle to save the kingdom and protect everybody. My kids enjoyed this characters but not one of their favorites.






This movie was a huge hit. We LOVED this movie! This movie just instantly touched our hearts. It really tugs at your memories. Any person who has had a dog would relate to this movie. On more than one occasion my son and I were sniffling. Definitely a keeper!! We will re-watch this movie again and again!


Freddy Frog Face:


Freddy Frogface


This movie touched on a big problem happening in our local schools. It is about “Bullying”. The characters were interesting. This was an animated movie like a few of the others. This movie was not one of my kids favorites.


Donkey X:


Donkey X


This movie was a cute animated movie. It was funny! The donkey was trying to be like a horse, so he could get into the royal castle. He won the hearts of many in this film. While this movie was cute, it wasn’t another one of our favorites.  


If you would like to see any of these movies, you can find them at Amazon, Walmart, or you can rent them at your local Redbox!




*I was given these movies in exchange for our honest reviews from Child’s Play Communications. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.

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