Friday, August 27, 2010

Singalingo Review:



Since two of my kids are in a dual language class at school. We were very happy to have this opportunity to try this Spanish Singalingo book out. Both my girls take Spanish at school half the day… and then they switch off and do English the second half of the day! I know a lot of parents have issues with this… saying that it is to overwhelming for them to learn Spanish as well as their regular curriculum. What most people ten to forget is that little minds are like sponges! The best part being that they retain what they learn. I personally really think it is good to teach them basic’s when they are young.

With that being said… My kids loved this book. Especially my girls. They also enjoyed teaching what they knew to my son. The books have a wonderful aspect to them, being that they have it in Spanish, but on the bottom you will see it in English as well. Great way for your kids to learn Spanish.


Along with the book, they also include a download of 2 songs. Which you can listen to along with the book, and make it all the more fun!

So go check out their book selection. They are $9.99 a book. However right now you can get 10% off your order with this Promo code: 1mama2buzz3 so hurry and pick up a couple today!

You can find Singalingo on Twitter and Facebook.


A bit about the founders:

Piña Madera, founder

Piña has worked as an educator since 1987 – Montessori, piano teacher, ESL textbook editor, curriculum developer, teacher. She is also invested in teaching Spanish to her own kids (ages 5 & 7). It is her Mexican mother’s language — Piña was raised bilingual. She wrote all the original songs on our 1st CD ‘En MiCasa’ and that’s her voice and piano playing you hear in all the songs.

Michael Madera, co-founder

Michael holds an M.A. in Spanish and a doctorate in Psychology and is a part-time rock ‘n roller (when he’s not running his consulting business or being a Dad). You’ll hear his musical contributions on our CDs.


*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Singalingo for review.

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