Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cause we all need some Girl time….


As I get older and reflect back… I have to say, life is way different than what you imagine it as a child, or teenager.  Of course we all had our hopes, and dreams as to what we thought it would be… For some of us, it may be just that, for others it may not be anything like we expected it to be… and then there are those that it turned out better.

I think that I ended up in the middle of both of those. Its not what I expected it to be, or even necessarily everything that I want it to be…but it is better in a lot of ways… So even though, I might gripe and complain sometimes, I’m thankful for the life I do have.

Now that I have said that… How many of you get away and have time with just your Girlfriends … no kids, no husbands, just you and the girls?? To get reenergized and refreshed?? I really have a handful of friends that I can rely on for anything… and that I would call true friends. Of course they are all scattered in different states with their own busy lives.. and though we may not always talk to each other, we know that if ever we needed each other we would be there…..

But it is nice to get out once in awhile and be able to just laugh freely and talk about anything but kid issues, or questions. It doesn’t happen nearly enough for my liking, but its great when it does.

Like yesterday… A friend of mine was down from Maine visiting and taking her kids to Disney for the first time. We were able to arrange some “Girl” time, and had lunch at the Olive Garden and then went and get Pedi’s. Oh, can I tell you my feet are so happy about that!! (helps that my toes look great now, and cute..LOL) Point is… it was wonderful to have that time, and made coming back to my chaos of reality so much easier! Sometimes, you need that refreshing (new batteries so to speak)

I’m thinking of trying to implement with all my friends a yearly trip… were we get together for a few days and just be fun, crazy, and ourselves… None of us have a ton of money… so something simple as renting a beach house somewhere and hanging for 4 days! Relaxing, fun, and reenergizing!! 

Do you have any rituals with your Girlfriends?? Do you get together once a year, month, or even every week? Do you find it helps you to be a better wife or mom? Share your thoughts… I’d love to hear them!

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