Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I crazy? or what???


Ok, so perhaps some of you shouldn’t answer that… Cause I think I know what the answer will be! LOL

By nature my personality has always been crazy, so I suppose that is a loaded question. Right??

However, what I am referring to this time… is life in general. As I shared before we are moving as soon as my hubby can get transferred.. Naturally that means packing, general chaos, excitement, sadness, and so much more!

Therefore…… Why would I make myself more crazy by adding to that??? Good question but I do! Not only am I moving now…but we have decided once we leave here the kids will all be homeschooled. (yes they are starting public school here, so I can deal with the moving process more smoothly, selfish of me?? Maybe) At first it was talk about just Hunter being the homeschooled one, but now we have decided on all 3, since there will be lots of transitioning. Going to 3 schools in a matter of 6 months is to much for any child. We just want to eliminate that chaos. Who knows it may be just what we all need, and then we will continue it through the years. One never knows right???

So my craziness comes in with just that… I’m not only trying to pack, but prepare for homeschooling all three children. Finding appropriate curriculum and such. Not an easy task on a very very low budget! Which can be overwhelming and challenging all at the same time. I’ve gotten lots of great advice from other homeschooling friends… but I’m always happy to hear more.

So, I am curious what any of you use for your kids, or used… Mine kids will be Kindergarten, First Grade, and Third Grade.

Thanks for helping me stay sane!

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D said...

Wow!!! I can't believe you are now HS all 3. Talk about jumping right in :) Remind me on Wed and you can look thru some of my curriculum. Some I am trying to sell, but there are a few things you can probably just have if you want them.

A good choice for the first year would be to find a Unit study that you can use to teach all 3 of them. That would be your main curriculum and you can branch off individual assignments from there based on their levels.