Saturday, August 7, 2010

Changes… are coming…


We are excited about the changes about to happen here. Not on the blog physically…but as a family. We are getting ready to move again. For any of you that have been around with us very long, know that almost exactly 2 yrs ago we moved from Maine. We had many expectations upon moving… or I should say hopes. While they all did not work out, we had a great time here over the last 2 yrs and have met wonderful people, and made great friends!

However, that being said.. it is time for us to move on.. For some personal reasons we have decided to move back to Maine… to help out family. Being an only child leaves you feeling like you should be able to do more… which is not always easy…

We will not be moving to the same area we were in last time, but more central… and we are pretty excited about our new adventure. The 3 monkeys are excited to see family, and old friends. Very sad about leaving friends but very optimistic about keeping in touch. Since moving is hard… we are keeping their spirits up.

Life throws us curve balls often, but we are so optimistic that we are going to be happy! Good things are to come!

So as we embark on this journey … we are going to try and stay current.. However, if we get a little slow, please be patient with us. We probably won’t be moving north for a couple months, but lots to do in preparation.

Stay tuned for our next journey, and more news we have to come!!!

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D said...

Wow, big news. I am happy for you. I know how much you miss your family. I hope everything comes together for your family in Maine.