Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Trip to Disney


with our visitor Holly. Well after a few days of Rain to ruin our plans.. We finally were able to get to Disney. Thanks again to our great friend Jessica for helping us out with that!

On Saturday morning Hunter, Me, and Holly headed out to check out Disney. Were we met up with some more friends there. It was a bit windy but in the 70’s, making it a beautiful day to be outside. We were going to head to Magic Kingdom first but due to crazy amounts of people, also wanting to share in this beautiful weather we ended up at Epcot first.


We checked out the Coke Cola place first. Were we managed to trick holly into tasting the Italy one. I wish, I had gotten her face on camera for that! To funny!


Then we headed over to see a few characters. You can’t go to Disney and not have your picture taken with Mickey right??



After we did that, we headed over to see the Tinkerbell Display. Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival was going on. It was beautiful, here are a few of the pictures I took in there.

Fairy Garden College

After that, there really wasn’t to much for the kids to see, so we decided to take a boat to Hollywood Studio’s. Were we got some lunch, and checked out a few places. Mainly just some character spots, and the Playhouse Disney area. Here is a picture of Holly way to excited to see Handy Manny!!! (can you tell we have kids)


From there we caught the bus back to the Magic Kingdom. By the time we got back there it was dinner time, so most people were headed out. (still millions of people in there but you know) Our first stop was Tom Sawyer Island for Hunter but it was closed. He was rather upset about this, so we went on to Splash Mountain. Where is is FINALLY big enough to ride it. We got fast passes for later, and went on the train to Toontown. Got on the Barnstormer Roller coaster, and then headed to the Race track. Hunter wanted to drive, so I agreed. He gave me wicked whiplash!!! Oh my goodness!


After a few more rides it was time to head back to Splash Mountain. What a blast! Hunter loved it, and of course Holly and I got SOAKED! So worth it though. After that we watched the last Spectro Magic Light Parade, and then called it a day, as we were all tired, and we were beginning to get cold!


It was a fun day with great friends, and memories that will last a lifetime!


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Katie said...

Don't you just love that part of Florida?? Growing up here my whole life, I have a completely different take on that area when I'm going for other reasons than Disney, but...when I get on that parking lot, I get lost in the excitement of it all.... :) Loved the pictures.

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Jenna said...

Following you via Friday Follow.
Our dream is to some day soon (hopefully) take the kids to Disney for a vacation. Looks like so much fun!!

Brandy said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!!