Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blockbuster Express Buy one Rental get one Free:




Looking for something to do this Friday night?? Why not a movie night at home with the kiddo’s?? Or even just you and the hubby??

There are some movies coming out that look really good! I know, we have started a list of ones we want to see. Here is a few on our list:

  • Astro Boy
  • Princess & the Frog
  • Did you hear about the Morgans??
  • The Blind Side
  • The Vampires assistant

Just to name a few that we want to see. We love using the Blockbuster Express Kiosk, makes movie renting so much easier for us.

So really mom’s who wants to drag the whole family in to the movie store just to have them fight over what they want to see. When you can just pick one up while your out at the local grocery store getting your milk??  Just look for this Kiosk:


Before you even go out, you can look at Blockbuster Express, make an account and even save a movie online, at your preferred kiosk. Then go home with movie in hand, for $1 a night!!! How can you go wrong?? Best part is you don’t have to even have a Membership!

Use this code, and you pay for the first movie for one night, and get the second movie free (one nights rental). Fee’s will apply if you are late returning it.


When you sign up on there site found HERE. You also will get codes sent to your email occasionally. Hurry and plan your movie night soon. This code expires 3/31/10!




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