Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Job Chart Review

Looking for an easy way to keep track of your kids chores??
I recently had the opportunity to try out My Job Chart which is online. Making it a bit easier to find, and keep track of. We used to have one on the fridge, but it would forever get knocked down, lost or they would end putting stickers in where they shouldn’t.
With My Job Chart, you sign up for free. Add as many kids as you want, and give them there own password. Then you can go in and put the chores you want them to do. Such as homework, brushing teeth, taking out the trash or cleaning their room. Each one is already alotted an amount of points for doing it. Then you go on the rewards page, and put in how many points the have to reach to get what ever you choose. There is rewards to choose from like, computer time, movies, new book, etc. You can even add your own chores in, or rewards. Very adaptable to your families needs.
My son really likes this program, so he can track how many more points he needs to get what he is working for. Plus he has a list right in front of him… of the things he needs to do, and when. As you can break them down by day and AM/PM.
Hurry and sign up today! Make your life a bit simpler!


MyJobChart said...

Hello! We just want to thank you for blogging about our website and we are glad you are enjoying it. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Elizabeth said...

Hi. Just wondering how this MyJobChart is working for you now that you have had it for several months? Do you think it is a great product still and what ages are your kids that you use it for?