Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random stuff update:


Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop you a line…

I have been crazy busy with life these last few weeks. Its been insane… so here is a quick recap.

  • Hunter is recovering slowly, but doing ok. He has had an unusual amount of pain in his ears. However, he is starting to act better, so that is a good sign. We are busy working on some homework he needs to finish up from being out. I am pretty sure he will need the 2nd week off from school, just to be sure he is on the up and up.
  • The girls are finally over there cold, and sage seems to be doing much better…. and sleeping a bit better.
  • I’ve been getting more and more reviews, which is very exciting to me… I’m so excited that my blog is starting to grow so well. I wanted to apologize for my slowness lately. Thanks for your patience.
  • Baseball is going good, but slow. It has been very cold out, so practices are a challenge. We would be ok, if the wind would die down, and some of the rain would go away. We have opening day ceremonies this week. More on that to follow after the weekend.
  • Both kids are doing great in school… I have had a meeting with both their teachers, and they are A students right now. I’m very proud of them. Sage, is continuing to do good at home. We are starting to learn some small words, and doing some math. She is loving it!
  • Girl Scouts is doing awesome. We started with 2 girls at the beginning of the year… I’m happy to say our troop has grown to 13 girls in the past few months. I’m very proud of them and their accomplishments. We are doing great with our Cookie Booth Sales. However, making my life a bit crazy right now!
  • Cub Scouts is also going good… As you probably have read earlier, Hunter has gotten his Wolf Badge, and so due to baseball, we aren’t able to attend meetings every week, but we are still working on stuff at home.
  • That is about the most of our life… so if I am slow to return an email, or comment, please forgive me, I’m still trying to learn a good balance of everything!! Thanks again for following my blog!

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