Wednesday, September 25, 2013

America’s ToothFairy Halloween SparX Candy Giveaway!

Halloween used to be a touchy subject with me. I am not a huge fan of Trick or Treating. Why? Well, I hate to see so many people spend huge amounts of money on candy. Only for me to throw it away! Yes, you heard me correctly. I don’t like my kids consuming huge amounts of candy. So, if they do go Trick or Treating, I go home and take out a few things, and daddy takes out what he wants, and the rest goes in the trash.
So, after a few years of me feeling so guilty. . . I came up with a different approach. We now do a night time clue hunt with them. At the end there is a bag with a movie, or small toy in it for the child. They really enjoy the challenge, and have a great time doing it in the dark! We also do a Fall Party, with lots of Halloween fun, and a costume component. Then they get to dress up just the same!

America’s ToothFairy is trying to make everyone’s Halloween cavity free. You can sign up to participate in a virtual campaign. This will help your child to work on their oral habits, and help kids with dental disease. Did you know that Tooth decay is the #1 chronic childhood disease?!

Here are some tips to help make Halloween a bit more healthy:
  • Try out xylitol products instead of sugary treats
  • Hand out sugar-free candy or alternatives to trick-or-treaters
  • Hand out multi-colored toothbrushes instead of candy
  • Host a Halloween party where people donate a dollar to a Children’s Charity
  • Most of all, remember to brush & Floss teeth, and visit the dentist every 6 months.

You can also sign up for the Kids Club, where you will receive educational activities for the kids to do, and encourage better oral health. Along with quarterly newsletters, songs, mazes, videos, and so much more!

SparX Halloween Candy Flyer 72 C 500 248x300 SparX Halloween Candy Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win some SparX Halloween Candy! (This candy is only sweetened with natural xylitol)

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*I was given a sample of SparX candy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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Jessy said...

Usually I don't hand out any candy because we're in town. The older kids volunteer to run game and hand out cider at the rec center celebration only the youngest and I trick or treat nearby. (Candy is then divided by 3 so there isn't a lot of it.)