Monday, September 23, 2013

Making the most of your opportunities. . .



As a parent you always want what is best for your child. However, has homeschoolers, sometimes I think people question that.


Last fall Monkey Man was asked to do a assignment for creative writing. He was suppose to interview someone that worked in the field of study that he may want to do as an adult. Since he wants to be an archeologist, or a museum curator, and there are not really a lot of people in this area that do this, he chose to interview a local worker at a local museum.

She was absolutely amazing, and really helped him a lot! He really enjoyed this opportunity so much. This assignment really helped him to grow a bit. Therefore, he decided to volunteer with the museum on a regular basis.

This has been a wonderful opportunity for us as a whole. Every week, Monkey Man, Little Monkey, and I go in to volunteer. We help get kits together for programs they are putting on. We have made scavenger hunts for different areas of the museum, for the kids to do. They are also trying to teach him to handle artifacts, do research on artifacts, and eventually how to give tours of the museum.








We are so blessed with this opportunity. I’m so happy that he has a way to try out the things he loves so much. This will give him a good taste for the future. While this is not really something that I have a ton of time for on my schedule, I feel this is a thing I am willing to over book my schedule a tad, to give him such a great opportunity.


Have you been able harness and use any great opportunities that have come your way? If so, how?

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