Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Field Trip with other Homeschoolers of the year….



Our year is in full swing . . .


We went on another field trip this past week with other homeschoolers from the area. I really enjoy these, since we get to know other kids.


This time we went to Old Fort Western. . .





These is really cool historical place in Maine. It was built in 1754 and the building you see in my picture, is the original building except the added shingles. I was so impressed with my kids listening and retaining of all the information.







We started with learning about how they kept the building warm. Then how they made shingles, so they could use them and use them as currency in the general store.








From there we went into the general store, and learned about the products they had to sell. The store started because at first the closest place to go was in Boston, which at that time would have taken them nearly a week to get there. The store was an instant success. We learned that they carried farm tools, linens, shoes (which they had to buy the buckles for separately), hats, pots, utensils, dishes, sugar, coffee, etc.













From the store we moved on to the kitchen. Which the kids quickly discovered was nothing like at our current homes. In the kitchen they learned how to make a drink called “Shrub”, which normally would have had spirits in it, but they made it with apple cider vinegar instead. It is made from blueberries, and apple cider vinegar. Which you start by squish! Then you add sugar. Next you strain the blueberries through cheese cloth. Getting all the juice out of it, and then you add water. The kids were super anxious to try it. Surprisingly, they really enjoyed it. I thought it was better than I expected. The apple cider vinegar gives it a bit of a zing, but it was interesting!









From there we left to head upstairs to learn about textiles. Did you know that Flax had hair like fibers in it. You have to beat it pretty hard. It was originally used for doll hair. It was really neat. Then we learned about cotton, and they demonstrated how to make yarn on the wheel. Then she took us in to see what a bedroom looked like. A bed back then traveled around with you. Did you know that? The mattress was made with feathers. There are many layers to a bed. The kids had to remake it. Then they got to try it out.









Overall it was an amazing day! We had a really great time, and I’m very happy the kids got the chance to go. Great learning experience!




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