Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TOS Crew: PeopleKeys Review



As part of the review crew, you never know what your going to get to try out. This past month we got the chance to try out The Children’s Profile, by PeopleKeys.

Do any of you try to sit and figure out what personality traits from your kids are like your husband, or yourself? I am always comparing our children to either of us. I like to see where they get things from.

This profile was fun to do for that reason.






About The Children’s Profile:

This is designed for ages 9-13. DISC assessments point out insights of how people operate. (Which I have to say, is something I have always found interesting)

The assessment was really easy to understand, and easy to complete. It only takes minutes to finish.

Some of the things this could help with:

  • Getting along better with siblings, friends, and classmates
  • Communicating tips
  • Get strengths of your child
  • Helps children to grow and communicate better with people


How we used this:


I used this on my 11 yr old son, and my 8 yr old daughter (even though she was slightly under suggested age).

Monkey man did his assessment pretty quickly, but I think he was almost right on! He was a (IC personality). The ones that certainly stand out to me, are the “Unorganized”, and “Sensitive”. Some of the interacting with an “I” child tips, have really helped me so far. I never really thought of it the way he did.

He found it really interesting to see it kind of tell him what he had for personality.


Little Monkey on the other hand took a few more minutes to complete her assessment, but she understood it alright. She was a hands down (S personality) child. Like that is her dead on. The traits that just screamed her were “Easygoing” and “Kind Hearted”.  Little Monkey is always looking out for others, and just goes with the flow! I have also been using some of the tips with her as well.

She really thought this was interesting as well.


My thoughts:

This was really neat to do. It is great to see what makes people tick! It has been a fun review in our house. Now that I have used it on them, both kids think that we need to do the assessment on all our family members!

We really enjoyed this!


Using PeopleKeys would really be helpful in your homeschool, if you are trying to see what kind of personalities your children possess. Then you can help them to have better relationships with there friends and peers.



You can purchase The Children’s Profile for $15. If you enjoy that, you can also look at some other great products from PeopleKeys.


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