Thursday, May 2, 2013

TOS Review: Home School in the Woods


Looking for another good lapbook company? We recently got the chance to review Hands-On-History: 20th Century in America Lap-Pak, by Home School in the Woods.


Have you ever done lapbooks before? We enjoy using them in our house. They are really great interactive ways to add to our learning. Upon receiving the option to review them, we got to choose between 3 different lapbooks. My son really enjoys history, so it was a tough decision for us. However, we agreed upon the 20th Century.




What was included:

For this review, I received a PDF download of the materials. Which works wonderfully on Adobe Reader. With this download we got:

Introduction and lists of additional resources
Booklet directions
Project directions
Lapbook assembly directions
Reading pages
Lapbook masters


Download is available for $21.95
CD version is $22.95

This product is meant for grades 3-8, and is pretty on target with that. I used it with my two monkeys who are in 3rd, and 5th grade.


How we used it:

This is a very complete unit study. Which was wonderful, since we really just had to print and go. I printed one section off at a time for the monkey’s to work on.

We used this a few days a week, and used the additional resources to add a bit more to our learning. Reading a few books to go along with it.

We purchased some more file folders since we had run out, and started on it at once. Most things that you need to do a lapbook are already in your home. Most common things needed to assemble one are file folders, glue sticks, scissors, tape, pencils, markers, and sometimes brads. My kids love to cut and color, adding their own personality to the lapbook. So we always print on white paper in black and white. However, you could print on colored paper to add another dimension to it.


My kids really enjoyed learning about the 20th century history. Monkey Man loved learning more about the space shuttle Challenger. We have talked about it briefly a few times this year when we were talking about space. But to touch more on it, was very interesting to him.

Little Monkey really liked the recipes that came with the lapbook. She was very excited to try a few.

My thoughts:

Overall as a teacher I was very impressed with this study. It was very informational, and included everything we could possibly need. I also like that it gives you suggestions on how to teach it. As well as extra resources. It was right on target for my children’s ages, and they really enjoyed it. We were all very happy with it.


We strongly suggest that if you have not trying lapbooking yet to do so! 


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