Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Prepping for summer…



Are you ready for summer to be here?!

I know I am.. I am ready for that warm sun, flowers, playing in the water, and just plain having fun.


I think that I am in a big slump lately. I have been struggling with lots of areas in my life. I have not wanted to go to any of our extra activities, homeschool co-op, or anything. I just want to stay at home, and hibernate.


Which means I really need summer to get here. We have been on our break from school for a bit now, but we are getting ready to start back up soon. I need us to get back on our routine. What is a routine in summer? That is a good question. Normally we just add in some summer fun everyday.


Here in the northeast we have been getting some decent weather. Meaning cool mornings but really nice afternoons in the 70’s. We have really been enjoying it. The kids love being outside most of the day. Playing on the playground, prepping the garden, cleaning out the garage, or playing softball. Yup, we have found plenty of things to keep us busy in the nice weather.


We are anxious to go camping this year though. Do you like to camp? Do you go often? We haven’t been in a few years, so we are really hoping to get that opportunity this year.


Summer means. . . .

Balloon fights
and time with friends.

What does it mean for you?


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Jessy said...

For us? Summer is...swimming at the lake most days, free lunch at the Rec Center with friends, kayaking, exploring state parks and trails, cooking out over a fire, sandy in the van, library reading program, gardening.