Friday, May 24, 2013

Crest & Oral-B Giveaway

Is your kid dying to see the new Monsters University? Mine are! They love those cute characters Mike & Sulley. Monsters can be scary, as well as the dentist. Crest & Oral-B Pro-Health Stages are trying to help children overcome the fear of both.

Dentist can be very scary. I know that for my children we have struggled to find one they are comfortable with. As a matter of fact they are going to see a new one today. Is your child scared of the dentist? Here are some tips to help ease the fears for them. . .
  • Visit your dentist before they have a an appointment. See if you can get a tour of the office, and maybe have them demonstrate how the instruments work.
  • If you have older children you can have them come along and observe while you get your teeth cleaned. Allow them to ask questions about what is going on.
  • Be sure to schedule regular appointments, so they know it is important.
  • Reinforce daily brushing and flossing. Keep them excited about their next visit.
  • Allow younger children to bring a favorite toy, stuff animal or blanket with them for comfort.
  • Be positive about going to the dentist.

America’s ToothFairy is dedicated to helping eliminate children’s suffering from pediatric dental disease by providing programs. Did you know that the pediatric dental disease  is the #1 chronic childhood disease?

Make brushing fun, with Crest Pro-Health Stages Monsters Toothpaste, and Oral-B Stages 3 Monsters Toothbrush. The toothpaste provides effective cavity protection in a mild gel formula. Children under 6 yrs old should only use a pea-sized amount.

You should make sure that their toothbrush is appropriate for their age. The Stages 3 Monster, Inc Toothbrushes provide:
  • clean teeth
  • Helps kids reach their back teeth
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • and makes brushing fun!

You can find Monsters, Inc Toothpaste and Toothbrushes in stores now.

How would you like to win a prize pack with 2 Crest Pro-Health Stages Monsters, Inc Toothpastes and 2 Oral-B Stages Monsters, Inc Toothbrushes (a approximate retail value of $10.00)

*I was given samples from America’s Toothfairy. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s.


Jessy said...

Well, I'm be honest...the kids only go to the dentist about once a year. Getting in anywhere with our insurance has been very difficult so I take them to MY childhood dentist 180 miles away.

Kate Fuller said...

Yes, they go to the dentist regularly.

Linda Perry said...

Yes, they do :)

The Zookeeper said...

Yes my children go every 6 months... kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com