Monday, October 29, 2012

Simple Woman’s Daybook:








October 29, 2012


Outside my window...

It is damp… but surprisingly warm.

We are buttoning down the hatches, as we

prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy..

We (fingers crossed) shouldn’t get more than some mild winds, and rain.

Praying everyone in the path stays safe.


I am thinking...

Wow, the end of another month..

Where does the time keep flying away too?

Hard to believe my Middle Monkey turned 9 this weekend..

and that we are almost done with another year.


I am thankful for...

The health, and safety my family has.

We may not be rich in monetary value, but we have

each other, and amazing friends and family.

What more can we ask for?


From the learning rooms...

We have been busy.. Trying really hard to stay on track.

We hate to have to catch up..

However, with my nasty headaches this week…

Long days, and crazy schedule.. we do have a bit to catch up on


Want to see what else we are up to, stop by our blog here.



From the kitchen...

Tonight we are having Chicken, Swiss Chard, and Oven roasted potatoes.


I am wearing...

My comfy pants, and my hoodie.. It’s a Monday..

so I’m being lazy!


I am creating...

More organization.. we are trying to clean up some stuff, so

we can attempt to paint over the winter.


I am going...

to be actually somewhat laid back this week.. Almost 3

whole days at home. That is so unlike us! I’m trying to make it

a reality more often. We don’t like being to busy!


I am reading...

Nothing at the moment…

Time to find another new book..


I am hoping...

to get some more stuff sorted through…

sent to goodwill, or sold!


I am hearing...

The girls chattering as they make their beds, and get prepared for the day!


Around the house...

We have laundry to catch up on, dishes to do,

and more stuff to go through!


One of my favorite things...

Seeing the smile on my kids faces!


A few plans for the rest of the week:

This week we have Cub Scouts,

Library, Co-op,

Piano, a dance, and fun to be had!


Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

Another one of my shots from this fall…


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