Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plans for the summer…


Do you have any exciting plans for the summer?


I love trying to make really fun plans for the summer. Gives us something to work towards, and cross off our list!


Here is a list of things we are looking to do this summer…


  • Go to as many State Parks as we can… There are 38 (we will update you on how many we make it to)
  • Catch Fireflies
  • Go to Small Falls
  • Visit a lighthouse
  • Hike at least 5 Trails
  • Dance in the rain
  • Go to the Drive-in
  • Have lots of Play dates!


We would love to know some of your plans!

1 comment:

Our Side of the Mountain said...

We've been to 3 state parks so far! We really need to get to some more...some new ones...but we've been so busy! Great list!