Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new phone app, sugar, and exercise…..



What do these have in common you ask???

Well, at my most recent doctors appointment (and this is why I hate going) my blood work showed that I was borderline diabetic. Now, granted I have know for a long time this could always be a possibility. There are a few people in our family that are diabetic, and I also had gestational diabetes for all three of my pregnancies. I was able to control that by diet, and never needed to take medicine.


I have been struggling with my weight for a long time, and I try to do things to help loose weight, but lets face it when we think about that “Diet” word.. its just causing failure. After my last appointment with my doctor, we decided to re test my blood sugar in a month. That means, she wants me to loose some weight this month, and watch my carb intake.

Thus far, I have been consuming less carbs.. Not going to lie, this one is hard for me. I love bread, and pasta! Most of my favorite foods are made with either of these! Now I have to learn to adapt. Even if this works, and I don’t become a full fledge Diabetic, I will have to continue to always watch my carbs. Lets face it, the risk will always be there. That means no more soda (Not that I am a huge soda person), and no more Caramel Ice Coffee, extra caramel, extra cream, and sugar. (Yup, that probably wasn’t helping me huh?) Taste so good though!


What I have a done to help myself this week. Well, Monkey Man and I went for a 2.6 mile walk on Friday. I was going to go again on Sunday, but the rain mad it hard. My plan is to go every other day til my body is a bit more used to it. I did that walk in 1 hour, including a 15 min stop to say “HI” to my uncle at the farm. I was really quite impressed with myself. I know I can do this. I’m going to lie though, if I have to do it alone, its going to be hard. I have also been watching my food in take. Limiting myself to only so many calories, and fewer carbs. I have done pretty good with this thus far. I struggle a little with eating more than once a day.. I’m not a huge 3 meals a day kind of person. Getting a little better with this as well.


So, that leaves you thinking where does the phone app come in? That my friends, is a great question. I needed something to help me keep track of my carb intake. Its called My Fitness Pal, and it is a completely free program. You can use it on your computer, or your phone. I like it on my phone, cause then when I am on the go, I can put in what I had. Then it is not just being forgotten. It has hundreds of foods already in its data base! Plus you can use the scan option, and scan a bar code to a product, and it brings up all the information right to your screen! Frist time I tried that I was so giddy! It was awesome! It keeps track of your calories, and lets you know how many remaining ones you have… Lets you see all your daily or weekly nutrition. You can see what you are eating to little or much of.  Letting you tweak your habits. I’m really hoping that this will help me keep both my carbs down, and to help me loose the weight I need.


If anyone has any good Diabetic Recipes that they would like to share with me, I’m looking for new options, and ideas to add to our menu. Trick will be finding something everyone will like.


*I was not given any compensation for writing this… all opinions are 100% mine.


Donita Hammond said...

WTG on your beginning steps. I know how hard it is, esp to give up the carbs.

Berry Patch said...

I didn't realize you could scan bar codes. Cool!! Keep up the good work. I struggle with my motivation daily. Find something you love to do for exercise & that helps.