Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First State Park of the year…



This year I decided to buy the State Park Pass. Why? Well, last year our summer was mostly working in the garden, or mowing the lawn. (not that this isn’t important) We didn’t get out nearly as much as I wanted too.


Therefore, my thought was if I spend money on the pass. I will actually make an effort to get to these places. Making it our goal this summer to see how many State Parks we can visit. I will do a bit of background on each one with the kids, so they can get a bit of school out of it of course. (part of being a homeschooler, your mom is always thinking school LOL)


Monday was our first visit to a State Park for this year. We decided to visit Damariscotta Lake Park. It is a very nice little park. There is a playground, picnic area, and a beach. I of course surprised the kids with this, they did not know that we were going there. Their faces were priceless! I love still being able to surprise them.










I invited a friend of mine along with us, so we were able to visit, and enjoy a conversation while the kids played in the water. Which I think was still a bit chilly for me. Plus I got in some pictures…. you know me, always got the camera ready!


Did you know there is over 30 State Parks in Maine? I did not know this until I started looking. I can’t wait to visit most of them. Stay tuned for our adventure!


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Berry Patch said...

Pick up a free park passport if you haven't already. Another way to get some learning in.