Thursday, February 10, 2011

A trip to the dentist..




it was that time again… My monkey’s had to take a trip to the dentist. Which to most would not be a big deal. However, for my littlest monkey any doctor means a onset of fear and melt downs.

Not sure why…but she seems to think that they are all so very, very scary. We talked about everything that was going to happen at the dentist, and what she could expect. I was hoping this would put her in the right mindset.

It was both girls going this time, and so Middle Monkey being the brave one this time… headed in all by herself this time. No questions asked, just went in and had everything done. I was super proud of her!



Then it was Little Monkey’s turn. She headed in and looked back to make sure I was following. She was super brave and had her x-ray’s done… and then sat in the chair, and got all big on me. I couldn’t have asked for a braver girl.. she sat there and let them clean her teeth, and did her fluoride! Super big girl!!! She is growing up to fast on me…


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