Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Monkey turns 6!!!


6 wow!!

Where can the time have gone?? I mean, holy moly!

I remember the day she was born like yesterday… A tiny little monkey laid in my arms.

She hasn’t gotten much bigger and she still loves to cuddle.

Here are a few things about my newly 6 yr old!

  • Has her first two loose teeth!
  • Loves to run, dance, and twirl
  • Would wear a dress everyday if I let her!
  • Enjoys learning new things.. (great at math)
  • Loves the color pink
  • Loves puzzles
  • Thinks its cool to be the littlest in our family

She is a pure joy to have in my life!!! I would be lost without her… (even her whining hahaha)

I’m so very proud of you Little Monkey!! We love you!

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