Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little Valentine’s Fun


despite the day’s agenda… Normally my hubby doesn’t have Valentine’s day off. This year he did get it off. However, we had a whole day full of stuff to do. (always the way right)

We are not big on giving our kids candy, so it has kinda become our own family tradition to all go to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Besides what better way to show love, than spend the day together right??


Our day started off with a Dentist appt for the girls. I know, I was just there…but they had to go back to get sealants on their back teeth. That was a job and a half to convince Little Monkey to cooperate!

After that we had a small lunch, and went to the local Goodwill, and a salvage store. I managed to score a couple good deals even. I got some Classic Readers for school at the local Goodwill, hard cover even for 50 cents. Then at the salvage store I got a couple boxes of cards for verbs and capitalization to make sentences!

Being that it was a Monday, my son had Cub Scouts. What better way to celebrate than have a Valentine’s bowling party right?? So, that is what they did. The girls even got to join in on the fun.




To end our fantastic day, we headed over to a local restaurant in town. Where we had dinner… May I just say a fabulous dinner of Scallops and Lobster! Yum! Complete with dessert of Chocolate Covered Strawberries! It was the perfect ending to the day!


What did you do?

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