Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Costume Express Review



I know that probably no one is thinking of this right now, being that it is only January. However, being me, I’m always ahead of most people. Which is why, I am already thinking about Halloween Costumes.

Usually, after Halloween I search the racks for clearance costumes. This year however, I was not lucky enough to find any for my Monkey’s! Sometimes I’m its also hard to really think or find anything that they will be into for the following year.

That is where Costume Express comes into it. You can search and find almost any kind of costume you might be looking for, at really good prices.

I just got my son a Harry Potter Costume. Which made him super excited! The robe was $24 which as many of you know, at any department store your going to pay anywhere from $30-$40. Only to get a really thin and lightweight robe. The Harry Potter robe from Costume express really impressed me. It was a nice thick fleece like robe, and for us in the North where it can be rather chilly on Halloween night that is SUPER!

We also got the Harry Potter Broom. What a hit that was, and again I was super impressed with the quality. It was a nice hard plastic, and very well constructed. Then of course to conclude our costume we got the Harry Potter Glasses! These were only $5 and where a real metal frame instead of a flimsy plastic. Which was a huge relief to me, now they should last way past Halloween.






Costume Express has nice quality products for a great price, and ship very quickly.

So start looking for your costume for Halloween now, or if you have a costume party to go to… be sure to check it out. Why pay those ridiculous prices at the Party Stores!!

Now to just figure out what to get the girls. Another great thing, is you can shop this all year long, dividing up the cost for your costumes over a few months. Instead of all at one time!

*I was provided with a Harry Potter Costume in exchange for this review from Costume Express. Opinions are 100% mine or my monkey’s!

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